Upcoming Activities

Sinclair Digital is at the forefront of technology – join us to experience the future at these upcoming industry events.

Sinclair Digital will be presenting and participating at Realcomm/IBcon 2024, June 19-21, at the Tampa Convention Center, Booth# 1010.

Visit us at the Texas Education Technology Leaders (TETL) Summer Conference, June 25-27, at the Reunion Tower Hyatt Regency Dallas, Table #107

Join us at the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) National Conference, September 28-October 1st, Booth# 2321




Past Activities

At Sinclair Digital Services, we are proud to have collaborated with a number of leading national labs, including the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).

Minnesota Center for Energy Efficiency - Energy Efficiency Study

Our recent research project with MNCEE has focused on exploring the potential of Intelligent Buildings and their impact on energy efficiency, business productivity, and building security and safety.

We have found that while the benefits of such systems are significant, the increased complexity and energy overhead resulting from networking, sensors, and controls must be carefully managed to avoid additional costs and complexity. To this end, our team has installed energy monitoring equipment at the Sinclair Hotel as part of the project, allowing us to gather data and inform our analysis, modeling, and surveys. The insights gained from this study will help guide successful implementation of smart technology and support utility programs from networked lighting controls to grid-interactive buildings.

Ethernet Cables

POE Consortium participation

Sinclair Digital is proud to be a member of the POE Consortium, a joint venture by leading Power over Ethernet (PoE) companies that aims to raise awareness and promote the energy-efficient and sustainable benefits of PoE technology.

As a member of the consortium, Sinclair Digital is committed to sharing knowledge and best practices for the use of PoE technology, which allows for safe and efficient transfer of power and data over Ethernet cables. We believe that by working together with other members of the POE Consortium, we can help advance the adoption of PoE technology and support the transition to more sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.