Sinclair Digital in the News

Sinclair Digital in the News


Dallas Future 50

Dallas Innovates:
The Future 50 in Dallas-Fort Worth 2023

Farukh Aslam was recognized as an innovator in North Texas and joined a group of forward-thinking individuals and organizations who are shaping the future of their industries and communities.  Read More

2021 Greenbuild Exhbitor Award: Most Innovative

This vendor award acknowledges efforts taken to develop new and impactful technology for a smart, sustainable future.
Ibcon Diggie Award

2020 IBcon Digie Award: Most Intelligent Building Project: Specialty

Commercial Real Estate Digital Innovation award recognizing outstanding companies, real estate projects, technologies and next generation of smart, connected, high-performance, intelligent building systems. Read More

Supernova Award Nomination:
Data to Decisions

Grants recognition to organizations and individuals employing data to make informed business decisions. 

Texo Construction Association

TEXO Distinguished Building Award

Historic Building Award

Superior Essex Award

Sustainable Intelligent Building Award

Superior Essex awarded the Sustainable Intelligent Building Award to the Sinclair Hotel for their sustainable and energy-efficient building practices. Read More