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Sinclair Hotel, Fort Worth, TX

Hotel MARCEL, New Haven, CT

Southwire Battery Office, ATLANTA, GA

Southwire Battery Office, ATLANTA, GA

Sinclair Hotel, Fort Worth, TX


Powering the future,
one building at a time.

We are a design and implementation firm pioneering sustainable and intelligent buildings with a primary focus on DC Power and Microgrids, Building Controls and Battery Energy Storage Systems.

We are also an AI based software company that revolutionizes the design to operations paradigm of buildings and a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of products, packaged systems, and software for Electrical Contractors and Specifiers.

How We Do It

Sinclair Digital leverages DC powered technologies such as Fault Managed Power (FMP), PoE, USB-C, Battery Energy Storage Systems, and associated software platforms to create a DC Microgrid that powers and controls building infrastructure. Named after completion of the famed Sinclair Hotel, Sinclair Digital was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Sinclair Digital is also a founding member of the PoE Consortium.

Tech Voltserver
Resilient power for smart
buildings and sustainable energy
Resilient power for smart buildings and sustainable energy

Transform Your
Building Experience

Experience a new era of building innovation with our focus on energy efficiency and automation. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, we offer smart solutions for lighting, media, climate, and shading controls that save energy and enhance user experiences across various industries.

Whether it’s an office, retail space, hospitality venue, or residential complex, our versatile automations create an inviting atmosphere while reducing energy consumption. Embrace the convenience of automated scenes tailored to welcome and impress occupants, setting the stage for memorable interactions. Join us in revolutionizing your building experience with intelligent automation that prioritizes sustainability and elevates user satisfaction.

Benefits of Technologies Used

Enhanced Building

Enhanced Building

Elevated occupant experience through advanced and integrated building technologies.

Highest Form of
Energy Efficiency

Highest Form of Energy Efficiency

Unmatched energy efficiency achieved through cutting-edge sustainable technologies.



Improved building safety through digital electricity, reducing shock risk and hazards.

Data Driven

Data Driven Automation

Optimized operations and increased efficiency through automated data management.

Reduced Material

Reduced material usage

Minimized copper consumption for eco-friendlier and cost-efficient electrical systems.

Faster Installation

Faster Installation

Rapid and hassle-free installation with simplified processes that require less skilled labor.


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