March. 2024

Sinclair Digital Launches AGILE-CORE™ Nano BITS™: Plug-and-Play Lighting Solution for Retail and Convenience Stores

FORT WORTH, Texas, March 15, 2024 — Sinclair Digital introduces AGILE-CORE Nano BITS, a low cost, end-to-end, packaged, plug-and-play lighting solution for retail and convenience stores as part of its AGILE-CORE™ family of DC Microgrid and Digital Building products.

Speed of deployment is one of the biggest challenges experienced during the process of store chain expansion or remodel. Sinclair Digital’s AGILE-CORE Nano BITS reduces installation time by 40%, provides energy savings of 10-20%, and eliminates hazardous shock and fire risk from the lighting system. It combines an IP network infrastructure with an easy to connect, low-voltage, plug-and-play networked powered lighting system that leverages the standards based 802.3bt network used by cameras, telephony, and many other building devices.

AGILE-CORE Nano BITS has been developed in cooperation with Southwire, a major wire and cable manufacturer, MHT Technologies, a manufacturer of hardware and software solutions for Smart Buildings, and lighting fixture manufacturers. Its design allows store lighting to be installed by non-electrical low-skilled labor in a plug-and-play manner with the added benefit of highly efficient LED lighting and simple to use controls. It provides the sustainability benefits of embodied carbon reduction, reduces operating costs with less maintenance, is suitable for convenience and small chain stores and restaurants. AGILE-CORE™ system products enable uniformity of installation world-wide allowing recognizable and consistent user experiences to leverage brand recognition.

AGILE-CORE Nano BITS is a complete end-to-end system consisting of a power panel, lights, controls, and cabling. AGILE-CORE™ Nano BITS is the entry level  BITS™ of the AGILE-CORE family of products and is available with a variety of fixtures and power budgets up to 500W. AGILE-CORE Nano BITS will be exhibited at M-PACT 2024, a premier Fuel and Convenience store trade show in Indianapolis, April 2-4.

PoE is a globally recognized standard of data communications and in-line power from the IEEE. X-PoE® is a proprietary extension to PoE that provides the added benefit of integrating lighting controls within the network switch to minimize the need for external PoE lighting drivers. Sinclair Digital’s AGILE-CORE architecture provides packaged systems capable of combining Fault Managed Power (FMP), PoE, X-PoE®, and USB power infrastructure systems as plug-and-play solutions to Electrical Contractors, Lighting Agents, and Specifiers as a Value Added Reseller built on their experience and expertise in design/build installations. More information about AGILE-CORE™ is available at

About Sinclair Digital

Sinclair Digital is a pioneer of sustainable and intelligent buildings with a primary focus on DC Power and Microgrids, Building Controls, and Battery Energy Storage Systems. It is a solutions provider of packaged infrastructure systems, building control software, and services. Named after the completion of the famed Marriott Sinclair Hotel, Sinclair Digital was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. For more information, visit