Introducing AGILE-CORE™ for Warehouses

AGILE-CORE™ is the first lighting and power distribution system to use safe and cost effective low voltage wiring methodologies to move power and control from the electrical closet to the lighting fixtures for spaces that are 25,000 sq ft +.

Energy Efficiency, Safety, Sustainability

Smart Warehouses Save Time and Money with Agile-Core™. This lighting system simplifies design, operation, and maintenance, while also reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.

AGILE-CORE™ is a digital lighting system that combines the best attributes of Fault Managed (DC) power and Power over Ethernet. This makes it modular, resilient, and easy to connect. Plus, anyone can install it!

Data-driven insights improve sustainability, occupant safety, and overall building performance.

Fault Managed Power + PoE lighting offers greater flexibility for lighting placement and growth and facility changes.

Simplify your design and operations while reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs.

Enhance Your Operations and Increase Margins with Agile-Core™

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to enhance the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of your operations, look no further than AGILE-CORE™. This solution has been successfully deployed at a 400,000+ sq. ft. automated warehouse in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area, chosen for its granularity of control, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and energy savings. The implementation of PoE lighting offers greater flexibility in lighting placement during the design phase, allowing for enhanced flexibility in growth and facility changes.

In addition to this, AGILE-CORE™ offers a way to reduce the cost of specialized labor, increasing your margins and reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs. With no risk of interference with automated mobile machinery, AGILE-CORE™ is the perfect solution for those seeking to simplify their operations and increase their profits. By adopting AGILE-CORE™, you can simplify your design and operations while reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to streamline your business with AGILE-CORE™.


The AGILE-CORE™ solution reduces labor costs, saves on copper, and simplifies maintenance. The solution uses a distributed architecture, which means less cable, and no large IT closets. Energy efficiency, safety and sustainability delivered.

AGILE-CORE typically offers higher efficiency and reliability compared to traditional AC power distribution. This is due to the fact that DC power is more efficient at transmitting power over long distances, and is less prone to voltage drops and power loss.

There are several standards that address the use of Class 2, DC power distribution in commercial buildings, including the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).
Fault Managed Power (FMP) provides the power backbone for the entire system. FMP is fed from the headend location out to the distributed Building Infrastructure Transmission System (BITS) enclosures. A hybrid cable consisting of copper and fiber used to move power and data to the BITS. The system is a hub and spoke design. The BITS converts FMP to Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE from the BITS provides power and data connectivity to endpoints such as lighting fixtures, cameras, wireless access points and other common PoE devices.

The use of Fault Managed Power (FMP) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) means there is significantly less risk of electrocution, smoke or fire. The system uses Class 2 wiring methodologies.

The AGILE-CORETM solution is designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. It is a very good solution for retrofits because of the use of Fault Managed Power. There is no need for the installation of conduit, and you do not need specialized labor to install the system. A low voltage technician can safely handle and install the system.

LEED® credit is available for Direct Current Power Systems and contributes towards its LEED Zero certification.

The AGILE-CORE™ solution is a versatile solution that can be seamlessly implemented into the construction process with the same labor teams already used onsite. Reference your local building codes to understand the permitting and inspection requirements for Class 2 systems and lighting for detailed information.

The AGILE-CORE architecture is the first packaged solution to use FMP combined with PoE to push low voltage DC solutions to a large scale. Other low voltage solutions today are limited by distance or power implications, but FMP allows AGILE-CORE to reach further into the space, and power more devices.

The AGILE-CORE™ solution will work off the shelf without any customization to a large series of light fixtures. From a technical perspective, the AGILE-CORE solution will work with any LED light fixture available but will require additional time and consideration to ensure a successful deployment.

AGILE-CORE™ utilizes safe Class 2 DC power infrastructure from the main electrical room all the way to where power and control is needed by lighting fixtures 1000+ feet away.  


Each BITS box has a total max output of 4800W possible when complying with voltage drop distance limitations. Each individual BITS port today can power up to 90W, and can be combined to power higher wattage devices such as certain lighting fixtures.

AGILE-CORE is the power backbone inside a building of a DC-microgrid. It accepts either AC or DC power, and then feeds all of the building’s end points with DC energy.

Yes, each BITS box is made up of multiple power supplies. It is possible to feed a single BITS box with both emergency dedicated and non-emergency power.

  • Copper prices continue to rise and may even go to $6 to $7 a pound doubling during 2023/2024
  • Lead times are increasing because the demand for electrification is so high and supply cannot keep up
  • Energy code is driving complexity and higher costs of lighting systems
  • Labor costs are up while skilled labor is shrinking
  • End clients need and require sustainable solutions (products with lower embodied carbon, use less energy, require less maintenance and last longer)

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