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At Sinclair Digital, we are experts in both traditional and advanced low voltage design that pushes the boundaries of what is possible both today and tomorrow. We focus on a Class 2 DC power network in buildings powered by fault managed power and PoE. Our goal is to reduce high voltage AC power in buildings and replace it with a more sustainable and safer power source that enables efficiency and increases the experience of the occupant.

Why Sinclair Digital?

Discover why Sinclair Digital is the right choice for your next construction project.

Our comprehensive services include design, design/build, and design assist, tailored to meet your specific needs. With our design services, we can work with your preferred install partner to provide a seamless construction experience. Alternatively, if you have a trusted designer, we can assist with installation to ensure your vision is executed flawlessly. Whatever your project requirements may be, our team at Sinclair Digital is committed to delivering exceptional results and unmatched customer service. Trust us to help you bring your project to life.

Turnkey solutions ensure project success from design to construction completion.

Single point of contact and responsibility eliminates multiple stakeholders and conflicts.

Cost savings through expertise: Our design/build expertise helps you avoid fluff fees, upcharges, and waste.

Why Incorporate Low Voltage Systems into Your Sustainable Design?

Incorporating low voltage systems into your design can bring numerous benefits to your construction project.

These systems, such as security and PoE (Power over Ethernet) lighting, can improve the functionality, comfort, and energy efficiency of your building. With security systems, you can help protect your building and its occupants, while PoE lighting can provide significant energy savings and easier installation. At Sinclair Digital, we specialize in designing and installing low voltage systems that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each project. Trust us to help you incorporate the latest technology and innovations into your design to maximize the potential of your building.


Sinclair Digital offers Design, Design/Build, and Design Assist Services depending on the needs of your project. Our turn key Design/Build Services removes the worry or hassle from the building owner ensuring a consistent and successful solution from design through construction and turnover. If you’ve already got a trusted installation partner, we can act as the Designer only then supporting them through the construction process, or if you’ve already got a trusted designer, we can Design Assist and install to make sure your vision is carried out successfully for your project.
Due to our many ways of engagement, Sinclair Digital can work either directly under the owner, the architect, the GC, or another contractor to make your project successful. We’d love to start that conversation with you to best understand your needs and see where we fit in your project today.

Sinclair Digital can provide a turn key low voltage design from intelligent DC power solutions, to traditional data / audio visual design. However, if you already have a low voltage designer on board for data and AV, we can focus specifically on the intelligent DC power solutions and coordinate space in the MDF and IDF rooms to collocate equipment with your existing low voltage team.  We can also work with an existing low voltage team to centralize battery backup for equipment, and provide power to adjacent systems.  

Sinclair Digital can either work directly with your electrical engineer to adjust the electrical drawings to reflect the change from traditional AC to low voltage DC, or work alongside the electrical contractor after permit to make the necessary adjustments to the existing electrical devices shown on the drawing set to transition to a low voltage system. The most cost effective way to design the DC solution would be from the very onset of a project where no re-work would be required, but we understand that there are many changes in the construction process and can plug into a project at any stage of the drawing set.

The most cost effective and successful way to complete a project using Low Voltage DC infrastructure is to plan on it from the very beginning. The best time to hire Sinclair Digital is the same time you hire your MEP firm so all handoffs, coordination, and budget concerns can be addressed from the very beginning which will set the tone for a successful project through bidding and construction.

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