Introducing AGILE-CORE™ Nano BITS™

Introducing the Nano Building Infrastructure Termination System (BITS), a low voltage, network based lighting power and control panel. Nano BITS™ uses BITS Cat6 cabling to connect LED lights and a wall switch to facilitate easy plug&play installation without the need for conduit or high cost electrical labor. Available in 240W, 480W, and 600W versions. 

Nano BITS™ powers a variety of IoT devices—from lighting to cameras—with precision. Upgrade your infrastructure management with the Nano BITS™ Remote IDF.

Reduces installation time by 40%

Provides energy savings of 10-20%


The Nano BITS™ System offers ultra-quiet fanless operation, powers PoE devices up to 328 feet away, and enables individual control channels for lighting systems. It is assembled with UL and ETL listed components for reliability and safety.

The Nano BITS™ System can power a wide range of IoT devices, including normal and emergency lighting, cameras, access points, sensors, receptacle control, and wall control stations, among others.

The Nano BITS™ System is designed for deployment throughout various facilities, offering flexibility and scalability. It can be distributed up to 328 feet from the BITS location using approved CAT6 or CAT5E 22AWG cable, catering to diverse infrastructure needs.

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