What is PoE?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the integration or delivery of direct current power & data over the same low voltage ethernet cable. PoE reduces the number of cables and power supplies required to install a network and power the devices connected to it.

How Has PoE Evolved?

Early on in PoE, it was mainly lower power devices such as phones and wireless access points. This has evolved over time to deliver higher power over Ethernet cable.

The power ability of PoE has grown over the years, from providing just a few watts of power to devices, to now being able to provide up to 120 watts of power through a single ethernet cable. This growth in power capability has enabled PoE to support a wider range of devices, including high-powered devices such as high bay warehouse lighting, pan-tilt-zoom cameras and digital signage.

As technology continues to advance, it is expected that the power ability of PoE will continue to grow, allowing it to support even more power-hungry devices such as industrial equipment and medical devices. This growth in power ability will further expand the applications of PoE and make it an increasingly important technology in the networking and electrical industries.