X-PoE: Enabling the Most Efficient andCost-Effective DC-Connected Lighting System

First introduced in 2003, power over Ethernet (PoE) technology has advanced over the past two decades, gaining ground as a cost-effective means to power IT devices such as VoIP phones, Wi-Fi access points, surveillance cameras, and digital displays. With the ability to deliver power and data to connected devices over a twisted-pair Ethernet cable (e.g., […]

DC Microgrids with DC Power Distribution Deliver Net-Zero Status with Benefits

The United Nations says emissions must reduce by 45% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050 to hit the Paris Agreement target of limiting global temperature increases to below 1.5°C. According to the World Green Building Council, the built environment accounts for 40% of annual global emissions, making it a critical target for tackling […]

Battery Energy Storage Systems (ESS)—Now is the Time for this Clear Winner

Backup power is critical to maintaining business continuity and keeping critical systems operational, from data centers and edge telecom/mobile sites to corporate offices, hospitals, hotels, retail establishments, transportation hubs, and processing plants. Generators have long been the primary source of backup power in commercial facilities. Fueled by diesel or natural gas, or a combination thereof, […]

DC Lighting and Building Microgrid Adoption: Breaking Barriers, Delivering Success

Classroom Lighting

One of the most renowned and go-to sources is the report “DC Lighting and Building Microgrids: Opportunities and Recommendations,” published in September 2020 by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) with support from the DOE. The report was based on research conducted by PNNL to characterize the current state of DC lighting and building microgrid markets […]

Classroom Lighting Matters More Than You Think!

Classroom Lighting

By Debbie Karcher, K12 Education Technology Advisor and retired CIO for Miami-Dade Public Schools As educators, we might not pay much attention to the lights in our classrooms. We turn them on when we arrive, and we turn them off when we leave. Classroom lights are also likely the farthest thought from the minds of […]

Sinclair Digital Announces Distribution Agreement with VoltServer™ for Fault Managed Power Products

Sinclair Digital is happy to announce that it is now a stocking distributor and sales representative of VoltServer™ Digital Electricity™ products for North American Commercial Properties (including Hawaii). VoltServer is the pioneer of Fault Managed Power Systems and deployed the first commercial systems in 2015. A Fault-Managed Power System (FMPS) is defined as “a powering system that […]